Inmate Education & Entertainment

CenturyLink provides a consultative approach to developing a tablet program that works for your facility. We have the expertise to bring the right content and economic model to meet the needs of each facility we serve.


  • Education - meaningful access to education and self-improvement tools
  • ITS & Video - ability to initiate phone calls or video visitation sessions
  • Entertainment - extensive offering of games, movies and music
  • Commissary Ordering
  • Inmate Messenger - E-mail, Picture mail, Forms/Grievances and SMS

MP3 Players

The MP3 players are built for security, with clear components, no moving or removable parts, and no recording devices, microphones or speakers.

They are pre-loaded with a catalog of millions of song titles, so inmates can spend endless hours searching for music without tethering to a kiosk.

Learn more about Edovo, our partner for education and entertainment programming